A New Approach to the Business of Walkway Safety

Walkway Management Group is the leader in walkway testing technology and services that protect our clients from the dangers of a slip and fall accident. Our national network of safety professionals and service support team offers a comprehensive approach to walkway hazard detection, remediation, and maintenance. We offer products and services that meet the highest certifications and performance standards in the industry. Included are:​

  • Tribometry testing​
  • Hazard remediation​
  • Remote and local monitoring​
  • Lab research and testing​
  • Product certifications​
  • Training for professional certification​

Our unique and innovative approach to walkway safety helps our clients prevent hazards.

This pioneering concept makes walkway safety “mainstream” by providing economic, cost-effective solutions applicable to every walkway in Arizona.

BOOST Floor Traction Solutions
Step App
Consumer Assurance Testing Lab

The WMG Approach

Our aim is to offer a one stop “solution shop” that can be tailored to any industry segment, any property configuration, and every area accessible to the walking public. The demand for comprehensive solutions to the slip and fall epidemic is great and growing at alarming rates. No other walkway safety company can compare in the value it creates for its network associates and their clients. Our staff of highly qualified architects, attorneys, forensic consultants, project coordinators, IT professionals, lab and tribometry engineers, as well as marketing specialists will all contribute to the success of building your company. “One stop shop” truly means that we can cover every aspect of walkway safety management.

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