Assure that your floors stay safe for your employees and customers.

We offer Quarterly Slip Test Services using the BOT-3000E Tribometer, to assure that your floors meet the ANSI A326.3, 0.42 DCOF Threshold Value. Should your floors fall below the ANSI A326.3, 0.42 DCOF Threshold Value, we have the equipment and expertise to apply the appropriate Traction Enhancing Treatment to bring your floor above the required 0.42 DCOF Threshold Value.

BOOST Assurance Program

We use scientifically formulated BOOST™ Traction Enhancing Treatments.

  • We offer two options for our traction enhancing treatment program, BOOST™, for Hard Mineral Surfaces, and BOOST Plus™, for resilient flooring and sealed surfaces.
  • Following treatments we strongly recommend the use of our aftermarket cleaning products ReBOOST™ and ReBOOST Plus™ to ensure a high DCOF Threshold.

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