Get a Customized Floor Safety Management Program

With WMG’s floor safety management program we assure:

  • An easy, scientific approach: Our systematic approach to floor safety is based on case studies, peer reviewed research and scientific standards. We will train and certify you in walkway safety methods which satisfy the highest legal and scientific criteria​.
  • Tools and training for consistently superior results: Our goal is to reduce slip and fall exposure through education and training. Slip testing protocols meet ANSI requirements, which include the BOT-3000E, and our proprietary ASTM compliant reporting software (STEP).​
  • Products that are proven to be effective: Before incorporating any product into the WMG program it is both internally and independently tested and validated for effectiveness and safety.

Insurance and Litigation Support

For our customers in the insurance, risk management and legal industries, we offer specialized services on a case by case basis.

  • Investigation and analysis of walkway surfaces involved in personal injury claims for plaintiffs and defendants.
  • Expert witness testimony for personal injury and/or property damage litigations.
  • Consultation and collaboration with insurance companies and law firms.