How to fix your slippery workplace

How to fix your slippery workplace

Are you a commercial business struggling to fix your slippery workplace? Walkway Management Group of Arizona are here to help. Slip and falls might seem almost like a fact of life. Unpredictable and cataclysmic a slip can come at any time and there’s not much you can do to stop it. Well this notion is incorrect. There’s many things you can do now to prevent a slip and fall in your workplace right now. If you don’t try and prevent a slip and fall, and one occurs, you could be held legally liable. Personal injury attorneys who specialize in slip and fall accidents asses the worth of a case well before they even take on a client. They can assess your companies wealth based on proprietary equipment, number of employees, and income. However they have to factor in any preventative measure that you have taken to stop an accident in the workplace. So lets try and understand the forces at play here.


Simply enough, all slips happen because of friction. Friction is the the resistance that happens when yo push an object touching a surface. Gravity pushes downwards constantly, so when you try to push something forwards there will be a force pushing you back. This generates energy. Have you ever rubbed your hands together until they became warm? or have you ever seen tires smoking after a burnout? This is the same law of nature that causes a slip. Think of a figure skater that effortlessly glides on the ice. This is because the force they exert is greater than the force resisting. We call this figure the “slip coefficient of friction” (CoF for short). So the smaller the CoF the more likely it is for you to slide. The more likely an injury will happen.

what you can do

now that we understand what’s happening on a physical level, lets try and find solutions:

  • safety information –

    Make sure you communicate this information to your staff. Let them know who to contact in the case of a spill, meaning that janitorial staff must be readily available. Your employees also deserve to understand their rights. Make sure that they have easy access to safety information. So place a billboard in breakrooms, bathrooms, or entryways. Host monthly protocol meetings, just spend 30 minutes in the morning going over safety measures.

  • speak to your insurance –

    Communicate with your insurance provider. In the event there is a slip and fall and the victim decides to seek compensation, their attorney and your insurance will communicate. Depending on your coverage their case may be resolved entirely, however for this to happen you have to prove that you created a safe working environment. If you haven’t your company (or you) may have to pay the claim in full.

  • Testing and etching –

    The only sure fire way to prevent a slip is a good treatment plan. Get tribometer tested, this is device that can find the exact CoF of your floors. From there you can determine the proper treatment. Traction enhancing products such as ‘Boost’ etching agents will considerably raise the CoF to safe levels. After an etching make sure that your janitorial staff is provided with the exact treatment plan you have been given. As some cleaners may shorten the lifespan of your floors.

how we can help

WMGAZ makes friction our focus. The first step in finding a treatment for you is using our ‘BOT3000E’ tribometer to find the exact slip coefficient of friction. Once we determine mathematically how slippery your floors are we can find a course of action. Using our friction maximizing ‘boost’ agents we can lower the chances of you falling by adding unnoticeable nanoparticles to the top layer of your flooring. Afterwards we will find a treatment to keep your floors safe and sound. All it takes is a clean, an etch, and a buffer, and we can extend the lifespan of your floors three to seven years. Call today to schedule an appointment at 480-454-8644