fix slippery tiles in Queen Creek

How to fix slippery tiles in Queen Creek

slippery floors are an unfortunate part of life. When you have hard flooring, hard to notice incongruities can cause a slip. Maybe you dropped a piece of ice and didn’t notice. Perhaps your spilled some water doing dishes. Maybe your floors just have a very low level of friction. There’s any number of reasons why you can slip and fall in your own home, but luckily Walkway Management Group of Arizona is here to help!


The reason any slip happens, be that wet or dry, is friction. Friction is the the resistance produced when sliding an object. When you try to push something forwards there will be a force pushing you back. Gravity pushes downwards constantly, This generates energy. Have you ever rubbed your hands together until they became warm? or have you ever seen tires smoking after a burnout? this is the same law of nature that causes you to slip in your home. Think of an ice skater that glides on the ice because the force they produce is greater than the force resisting them. So the smaller the amount of friction the more likely it is for you to have an accident.

how we can help

WMGAZ makes friction our fight. The first step in finding a treatment for you is using our ‘BOT3000E’ tribometer to find the ‘slip coefficient of friction’, the amount of force it takes to move an object on a flat surface. Once we determine mathematically how slippery your floor is we can find a course of action. Using our friction enhancing ‘boost’ agents we can lower the chances of you falling by adding nanoparticles to the top layer of your flooring. Afterwards we will find a treatment to keep your floors safe and sound. All it takes is a clean, an etch, and a buffer, and we can extend the lifespan of your floors three to seven years. Call today to schedule an appointment at 480-454-8644

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