Slip and falls in Mesa

Preventative Measures for Slip and falls in Mesa Arizona.

Do you find that you have issues with Slip and falls in Mesa Arizona? Here at Walkway Management group we will help you prevent a slip and fall today. Our company specializes in two important measures involving slip and falls: testing, and prevention. With our advanced Bot3000E tribometer we can measure the friction of your floors, and properly apply our traction enhancing ‘Boost’ agents increasing the grip of your flooring to code approved levels. So call now to schedule a consultation or continue reading.

What can happen if a slip and fall happens in my business?

Slip and fall Accidents can be fatal to a local business. In fact if the injury is grave enough the company can be held liable in a court of law. Thankfully government institutions work to help businesses prevent accidents. However if a business ignores regulations they may be shutdown. Truthfully an injured victim may even turn to an attorney who specializes in slip and fall accidents. You see these personal injury attorneys will look at these factors before taking on a case:

  • Code adherence –

    Whether or not your flooring was to code. If the fall was the result of a spill was a wet floor sign visible? was the friction of your floor was within safe levels, or did you have safety material visible.

  • Insurance –

    Whether or not your company or franchise’s insurance covers slip and fall. More so if the insurance company alone will settle the suit. If the insurance decides that you had not taken the proper safety measures your business may have to pay the suit.

  • Assets and Income –

    The value of your company, as in: the value of your proprietary equipment, how much yearly income you receive, or how many employees you have.

With these factors, a Slip and Fall lawyer can find the value of a case well before they take the client on. However they are obliged to factor in any measures you have taken to combat injuries from occurring on your private property. The more steps you take to defend against an injury, the less likely for you to be seen at fault.

How we can help.

BOT-3000E Phoenix


Our company can prevents accidents in two steps. First we test your floor, then we etch it. With our ‘BOT 3000E’ we can find the slip coefficient of friction (the amount of force it takes to move an object on a flat surface) of your floors. Then proceed by processing your floors with our 3 step ‘Boost’ chemicals. All it takes is a clean, a seal, and a buffer, and we can extend your floor’s lifespan for three to seven years. Proof of due-diligence is critical in averting any and all blame away from your company or group in the circumstance of an accident. Protect yourself today, schedule a consultation at 480-454-8644.