Slippery floors in Apache Junction

Slippery floors in Apache Junction Arizona?

Slippery floors in Apache Junction

Are you the owner of a residential or commercial property with slippery floors in Apache Junction Arizona? Well Walkway Management Group of Arizona is here t help. Slip and fall accidents can be a serious threat to both your physical and financial health. If someone where to fall on your property they could be left with at best a bad bruise, and at worse a grave injury…

In either scenario the victim could be entitled to legal compensation, which could cost thousands of dollars in legal fees. Personal injury lawyers exist to mediate claims between respondents and can typically assess a case well before they take it on. Appraising your fiscal and material wealth like investments, properties, and vehicles regardless of your class status. The best way to prevent this is to take action now and try to understand the forces at play behind a slip and fall.


The reason any slip happens is friction. To simplify, friction is the the resistance produced when sliding an object. Have you ever rubbed your hands together until they became warm? or have you ever seen tires smoking after a burnout? these are both products of the same law of nature that causes you to slip on your property. Think of an ice skater that can seemingly glide on the ice because the force they produce is greater than the force resisting them. The less the friction is, the more likely you will slip. When another variable comes into play like stray liquids. You are almost definitely going to slip.

How we can help

WMGAZ makes friction our fight. Our first step in this battle is our advanced ‘BOT3000E’ tribometer. This sensor can find the ‘slip coefficient of friction’ or the amount of force it takes to move an object on a flat surface. Think back to the skater, the amount of force they need to glide is quite small. Your tile functions not to differently. Once we determine mathematically how slippery your floor is we can find a course of action. Using our friction maximizing ‘boost’ agents we can lower the chances of you falling by adding unnoticeable nanoparticles to the top layer of your flooring. Afterwards we will find a treatment to keep your floors safe and sound. All it takes is a clean, an etch, and a buffer, and we can extend the lifespan of your floors three to seven years. Call today to schedule an appointment at 480-454-8644