Slippery pool deck in Gilbert Arizona

Slippery pool deck in Gilbert Arizona?

Is the area around your swimming pool too slippery? If you have a slippery pool deck and are located in Gilbert Arizona, Walkway Management Group of Arizona can help make the area around your swimming pool considerably safer. Our company assists both commercial and residential properties in reducing the possibility of injuries occurring around swimming pools. Call us today to schedule a consultation or read more below about our company’s procedures, products, and services.

Why is it important to increase traction on surfaces surrounding a swimming pool?

As the owner of a swimming pool, it is likely you are already all too aware of the dangers associated with slip and fall incidents around your swimming pool. However, most people are perplexed to find out just how many injuries occur on the surfaces surrounding a swimming pool. As a matter of fact, a vast majority of injuries related to swimming pools do not take place in the water at all. According to the Center of Disease Control, over 150,000 injuries each year occur as a result of slip and fall accidents around swimming pools. Seeing as though The Greater Phoenix area has more swimming pools than anywhere else in the United States, there are a larger number of swimming pool related slip and fall injuries.

What can happen if someone gets injured around my pool?

If someone is injured around your swimming pool you can be held legally liable for their injuries. In fact, some attorneys will specialize in what are referred to as “slip and fall accidents.” Slip and fall attorneys can assess the value of a victim’s slip and fall injury before they take them on as a client. These are some of the factors a personal injury attorney can take into consideration when assessing the value of a case.

  • Your Financial Assets– These personal injury attorneys will take into consideration how much money and wealth you own. It goes without saying that the more financial assets you accrue, the higher the amount they can seek for damages. Even if you do not have large sums of money, the personal injury lawyer can go after assets such as: vehicles, properties, stocks, or any other investments to cover the cost of their claim.
  • Insurance– Personal injury attorneys can try and identify the amount of insurance coverage you have. If you are a homeowner or business in Gilbert with a swimming pool you need to make sure you have enough insurance coverage to address potential injuries on your property. If your insurance will not cover the cost of an injury, you may very well end up paying out of pocket for their personal injuries.
  • Steps you have taken to reduce injury – The more steps taken to reduce the chances of injury on your property, the less likely you are to be held liable for any injuries on your property. If you feel you do not need to take additional safety measures to avoid litigation because it’s just your family that uses the pool, think again. If a person were to trespass on your property and is injured around your swimming pool, you can still be held liable for their injuries if you are not taking reasonable steps to prevent accidents. Taking steps to reduce the potential of slip and falls around your pool makes you less likely to be held liable.
  • Additionally, the worse the injury, the more compensation they will likely seek. Additionally, they will take into consideration what actions you have ensured to try to create a safe environment. Lodging a fence around your swimming pool that is at least 4 feet in height and taking measures such as increasing friction on surfaces surrounding your pool will greatly reduce the potential for you being held liable for injuries on your property.

Walkway Management Group of Arizona can also evaluate your pool deck with our advanced technologies such as the ‘Bot 3000E’ to determine what the slip coefficient of friction is on your pool deck surface. While a term like “slip coefficient of friction” may sound complex, it simply refers to the unit of measurement of how much force it takes to move an object on a particular surface. However it may not even be a necessity for us to measure things like slip coefficients of friction in order to help you increase the friction on the surfaces around your pool. Walkway Management Group of Arizona utilizes a series of products that are proven to increase the friction of any hard surface. Once we have determined the amount of friction the surface of your pool deck maintains, we will be able to guide you on the best treatments and products to use. With our ‘Boost’ products and ‘Bot 3000E’ Walkway Management Group of Arizona can keep children and adults alike from slipping on your pool deck. By applying the correct Boost product, we can prevent your children or yourself from falling and getting hurt on a slippery pool deck. Repairing a slippery pool deck can also prevent your friends from slipping on your pool deck, therefore averting any possible lawsuits to your homeowners insurance. Call for an evaluation today.