Preventing a slippery pool in Apache Junction

Preventing a slippery pool in Apache Junction?

Slip and falls are an unfortunate reality in life. When you have a pool that reality becomes even more present. The tile around your pool is slippery as it is, but with the added variable of water? A slip is all too likely. You, a loved on, or even a passerby could slip and fall on your pool and hurt themselves. Leaving you with at best a bad bruise, and at worst medical or legal bills. Luckily Walkway Management Group of Arizona is here to help.

what to do.

At the end of the day, all slips happen because of friction. Friction is the law of nature that says that when you push against something, it’s contact with the ground will create resistance. Meaning that energy will be generated. Think of a tire burning out on a runway, this is an example of a high friction environment. Now think of a figure skater gliding effortlessly on the ice, this is an example of a low friction environment. We measure this factor with a variable called the ‘slip coefficient of friction’ (CoF) or the amount of force it takes to move an object on a flat surface. An example of a surface with a low CoF? your pool.

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Now that we understand friction a little better, here’s how to stop it from hurting you or a loved one:

  • slow down –

    There’s a good reason why running nearby a pool is faux-pas. With the example of the ice skater, the reason they can slide so far and fast is because the coefficient of friction between their skate and the ice is incredibly low. The same concept happens when you run near a pool. The amount of force when your foot hits the tile is significantly higher than the CoF, meaning you will slide, causing you to get injured.

  • Water Management –

    Water around a pool is basically the most likely culprit of a slip and fall. However the fact of the matter is, you’re going to have splash back when swimming as you will displace water simply by being in the pool. So when swimming make sure to take a moment, every fifteen minutes or so, to squeegee off the deck of your pool. Even on treated tile water can lower your CoF to unsafe levels, so don’t be afraid to take a break and prevent yourself from getting injured.

  • Testing and etching –

    The only sure fire way to prevent a slip is a good treatment plan. Test your pool with a tribometer, a device that can find the exact CoF of your deck. From there you can determine the proper treatment. Traction enhancing products such as ‘Boost’ agents will considerably raise your CoF. After your deck is treated you must continue regularly maintaining it, maximizing the lifespan of the etching.

how we can help.

Here at WMGAZ we are determined to keep you safe from slip and falls. With our ‘BOT3000E’ tribometer we will find the exact slip coefficient of friction of your deck, and etch it with the proper ‘Boost’ agents. All it takes is a quick clean, etch, and buffer, and we can extend the lifespan of your deck upwards of seven years. Taking friction seriously is the first step in defending yourself from slip and fall accidents. Call us for a consultation today at 480-454-8644.