Slippery Deck Maricopa County

Slippery pool deck in Maricopa County Arizona?

Is your Deck slippery in Maricopa County? Does your deck continue to stay slick even while dry? Walkway Management Group of Arizona can help. Our company assists any residential or commercial property in The Greater Phoenix Area to take action against the dangers associated with low-friction surfaces around swimming pools. Call us today to schedule a consultation or read more below about our company’s procedures, products, and services.

Why is it important to increase traction on surfaces surrounding a swimming pool?

As the owner of a pool, you probably already know the many dangers that coincide with owning one. But what many may not consider is just how many injuries can happen on the water-slick areas surrounding their pool. Statistically, more injuries related to swimming pools happen outside of the water than in it. According to the Center of Disease Control, well over 150,000 injuries take place each year as a result of a slip and fall accident around the pool. Being that it’s the hottest and most arid urbanized part of The United States, The Greater Phoenix area has more swimming pools than any other part of the country. Therefore, it’s significantly more likely for a slip and fall accident to happen here than anywhere else.

What can happen if someone gets injured around my pool?

If someone were to injure themselves around your swimming pool and seek compensation, you may end up at fault for their injuries. In these cases attorneys who specialize in what are known as “slip and fall accidents” will mediate. Slip and fall attorneys evaluate a victim’s injury well before they even consider said client’s case. Here are two of the more important factors that an attorney can take while considering the value of a case.

  • Financial Assets– Personal injury attorneys will find the worth of your finances and material capital. The more wealth and assets an attorney can approximate, the higher the amount a victim can seek for compensation. Even if you don’t have large pools of money, a lawyer can evaluate your other belongings such as: vehicles, properties, stocks, or any other investments to cover the cost of the claim.
  • Insurance– Personal injury attorneys will communicate directly with your insurance provider to determine how much coverage you have. If you are a business or home owner in Maricopa County with a pool, you must take preemptive measures to find routes that your homeowner’s insurance will find necessary to settle any accidents that may happen on your property. If your provider decides that safety measures were not taken, they may likely not cover the injury at all. In this case you can be held responsible for the entirety of a victim’s suit.
  • Steps to take to reduce injury

    Any precautions that you have taken to stop an injury from happening on your property, will reduce any threats of you being held at fault for a slip and fall accident that may occur on your residence. If you think this isn’t a problem simply because you or your family are the only ones who use your swimming pool, you need to reconsider. If a person were to illicitly enter your property, and slip and fall on your slick pool deck, you could be seen as responsible for creating a dangerous environment (even if they trespassed onto your property illegally). Taking any steps to reduce an accident from occurring around your pool will reduce the threat of you being held liable.

    Additionally: the worse the victim’s injury, the more they can seek in damages. Personal injury attorneys are obligated to consider the precautions that you have made to create a slip-free environment. If you were to install a sturdy four foot tall fence around your swimming pool, and maximize the friction of your pool deck to a level suitable for a wet environment; you could possibly even eliminate the risk of being at fault for any injuries that occur on your property entirely.

Walkway Management Group of Arizona takes vital steps to prevent injuries from occurring on your property by determining the amount of friction your deck maintains with ‘The Bot 3000E’. This high powered sensor can find the “slip coefficient of friction” of any given surface. While this term may seem like it’s something analytical, it simply refers to the unit of measure for whatever force it takes to move an object on a flat surface (However we may not even need to find the friction of your pool deck).

We then use a series of fast acting and powerful products to maximize the friction of your pool deck. Once we have a firm grip on how slick the surface of your deck is, we will use our ‘Boost’ products to prevent any threat to you or your kids from falling and getting injured on a slippery pool deck. Preventing this now will hinder any other people from falling, avoiding any legal suits to your homeowners insurance. With our ‘Boost’ products and ‘Bot 3000E’ Walkway Management Group of Arizona will help keep your friends and family from being injured on your pool deck. Call for an evaluation today.