Slippery pool deck in Paradise Valley Arizona

Slippery pool deck in Paradise Valley Arizona?

Is the surface of your swimming pool deck too slippery? If it is and you live in Paradise Valley Arizona, Walkway Management Group of Arizona can make the surfaces around your swimming pool significantly more safe. Our company helps both commercial and residential properties in the Greater Phoenix Area in minimizing the threat of injuries occurring on the hard surfaces of your swimming pool’s deck. Call us today to schedule a consultation or read more below about our company’s procedures, products, and services.

Why is it important to increase traction on surfaces surrounding a swimming pool?

As a person who owns a swimming pool, you are probably already well aware of the many harms that can come with it. However, what many people are stunned to discover is just how many injuries can happen on the water-slick surfaces enclosing a swimming pool. Statistically, a large amount of the injuries related to swimming pools happen outside of the water. According to the CDC, more than 150,000 injuries each year occur as a result of slip and falls that happen around swimming pools. Being that it’s the hottest municipal region in The United States, The Greater Phoenix area has more swimming pools than anywhere else in the nation, therefore logic can dictate that a slip and fall accident is significantly more likely to take place here.

What can happen if someone gets injured around my pool?

If someone were to be injured around your swimming pool and looked to seek reimbursement you could be held liable for their injuries. Some lawyers in fact specialize in what’s known as “slip and fall accidents”. Slip and fall attorneys will estimate the value of a victim’s injury before they even take them on as a client. Here are a few of the possibilities that a personal injury attorney will take into consideration when estimating the value of a case.

  • Your Financial Assets– Personal injury attorneys will find the value of how much financial and material capital you own. The more wealth that you have, the higher the amount the attorney will seek for compensation. Even if you don’t have vast pools of money, a personal injury lawyer can estimate other personal belongings such as: vehicles, properties, stocks, or any other investments to cover the cost of the claim.
  • Insurance– Personal injury attorneys will also consider how much coverage your insurance will put towards the claim. If you are a business or home owner in Paradise Valley with a pool, it is undoubtedly important to take measures to ensure with your insurance that you have the coverage to settle any injuries that can happen on your property. If they don’t cover the cost of an injury, you may very well end up paying for the sum of their personal injuries.
  • Steps to take to reduce injury – Any steps you take to diminish the chances of an injury happening on your property, will reduce the likelihood of you being held liable for any and all injuries on your property. If you were to assume that you do not need to take these safety measures to avoid legal litigation because only you or your family use your swimming pool, you may need to reconsider. If a person you aren’t aware of trespasses on your property and were to have injured themselves on the deck of your pool, and you hadn’t taken steps to prevent said accident, you would still be held accountable for their injuries. Regardless of if they were on your property legally or not. Taking the steps to lessen the chance for a slip and fall accident around your pool minimizes the likelihood for you to be held liable.
  • Furthermore: the worse an injury, the more compensation a person can try to seek. Personal injury attorneys have to take into consideration all of the factors that you have taken to try to create a safe and sound environment. If you were to situate a fence around your swimming pool that is at least 4 feet tall, and you were to improve the friction of the surfaces surrounding your pool; you could thereby reduce the risk of being held liable for any injuries that occur on your property.

Walkway Management Group of Arizona will also evaluate the friction of your deck with ‘The Bot 3000E’. Using this high end technology we can find the “slip coefficient of friction” of your surfaces. A term like “slip coefficient of friction” may seem advanced, but it simply refers to the unit of measurement of whatever force it would take to move an object on a flat surface (However there may not even be a need to measure this to determine the amount of friction on the surface around your pool). Walkway Management Group of Arizona will then utilize our many great products that will increase the friction of your pool deck. Once we understand the friction that the surface of your deck maintains, we will be able to tell you the best treatments and products to use. By applying the correct Boost products, we will neutralize the possibility of you or your kids falling and getting injured on a slippery pool deck. Fixing said slippery pool deck can also prevent any other individuals from falling, therefore avoiding a litigation to your homeowners insurance. With our ‘Boost’ products and ‘Bot 3000E’ Walkway Management Group of Arizona will help keep your friends and family from being injured on your pool deck. Call for an evaluation today.