Slippery Restaurant in Chandler

Solutions for a slippery restaurant in Chandler Arizona.

slippery floors a problem?

Anyone that has worked in a kitchen knows all too well: grease is seriously slippery. It seems like it would be assumed, but we all know just how shocking a slip and fall can be. An injury can not only cripple your workforce, but leave you vulnerable in a legal sense. Additionally the chaotic kitchen environment is deadly on shoes. Workers having to buy new shoes on a regular basis can become a serious drain. Luckily for you Walkaway Management Group of Arizona can help.

Finding the correct treatment

Every worker can attest to the disheartening nature of dallies. It feels like every day you degrease the floors, but by the end of the night they’re just as slick as they were that morning. However it may simply be that you’re using the incorrect treatment for your flooring. Every type of floor has it’s needs. Learning what flooring is in your restaurant is the first step to finding the proper treatment. Learning the slip coefficient of friction of your floor through ‘BOT3000E’ testing can also give you an exact number of how slick your kitchen is. Remembering to treat your floor every day as a vital method to maintain a safe working environment.

Keeping clean and sanitary equipment

Sanitary equipment is something that often get’s overlooked. It can seem like your mop is fine to reuse forever, as long as it cleans. When in fact a mop degrades over time. Between area to area it may degrade faster as well. Your kitchen mop-head should be changed once every two or three days. While a dining room mop-head can last a little over a week. Not letting these two crossover is also vital so using a color coding system may help. If your kitchen is natural stone, and your dining area is synthetic, you can not apply the same treatment. Likewise the grease from your kitchen may become trapped in the fibers of the mop; meaning that if used in the dining area you may increase the likelihood of a slip. Applying the respective color coding to your ‘Boost’ treatments also can make it easy to quickly remember where each product goes.

Staying to code

Vigilance is due-diligence! Slip and fall accidents can be the bane of local businesses. If an employee or customer slips and falls they are within their rights to seek reimbursement. You can prevent a calamity by taking the proper precautions now. By testing your floors twice annually (if not more) you can have hard evidence that your restaurant is a non-slip environment. Also placing safety instructions visible to your customers and employees is vital. Hang a bulletin board in frequently utilized environments: bathrooms, breakrooms, and atriums. Make sure that safety instructions are not avoided either. If there is a spill place a wet floor sign for at least half an hour after cleaned. Giving your team a regular shoe allowance can also increase not only their safety but turn around time as well. Protect yourself by protecting your employees and customers.

How we can help

Here at Walkway Management group of Arizona we can work together to test, etch your floors, and find a treatment plan for you. With our high-tech ‘BOT3000E’ tribometer we can appraise exactly how slippery your flooring is and act from there. We will Apply our fast acting 3 step ‘Boost’ agents to treat your tiles. All it takes is a cleaning, a sealing, and a buffering and we can extend the lifespan of your tile between three to seven years. Protect yourself from a slippery restaurant in Chandler Arizona today! schedule a consultation at 480-454-8644.

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