What is the UNT Course?

This UNT assessment-based certificate program is designed for the professional responsible for walkway safety in their own or in clients’ facilities. Holding this certificate opens opportunities to develop marketable applied- engineering skills in the emerging field of walkway safety.

This course is 100% online.

The course is based on the standard ASTM F2948-13 “Walkway Auditor Qualifications” and consists of 8 distinct modules which can be completed at any time, at your own pace. Students will require 8 to 10 hours to complete the instructional and assessment portions of the program. Successful candidates will be awarded their certificate by the UNT College of Engineering.

Course topics include:

  • Slip and fall statistics in the United States
  • Standards, regulations and the US legal environment around walkway safety
  • The role of friction in human ambulation
  • Tribometry – the science of friction measurement
  • Walkway materials, treatments, matting, and design considerations
  • Identifying and remediating walkway hazards
  • Systematic walkway management

The Benefits of the UNT Course

Once the UNT Walkway Certification Course is completed, you will hold the highest level of certification in the walkway safety industry. You will be prepared to handle all aspects of safety program auditing, industrial safety, walkway safety specifically for those working in fields of building safety, risk assessment, building management, and incident investigation.

Successful completion of the course will prepare you to:

  • Conduct walkway audits.
  • Use tribometer readings to evaluate walkway safety.
  • Identify, suggest remediation for, and offer resolution for slip hazards on walkways.
  • Create comprehensive walkway safety programs.

Follow-up training on the use of the Regan Scientific Instruments BOT-3000E for the purpose of conducting ANSI A326.3 slip resistance testing is available upon successful completion of the UNT Walkway Certification Course.